Case Study: Occasional Content & Application of Special Messaging
Client: Anton Jewellery
Occasion: Mother’s Day Campaign
Content Type: Branded Photography
By: Content Hustlers

The Client:

Anton Jewellery is known for being one of the most respected jewellers in Melbourne, stocking not only designer brands such as Cartier and Dior, but also have a custom service creating the most extravagant pieces money can buy for their exclusive clientele.

Why Hustle up Content:

Anton approached Content Hustlers to create a portfolio of occasional content for their social media advertising calendar including;

  1. Mothers Day
  2. The Grand Prix
  3. Easter

Every piece of content had to be thought through carefully to develop the right creative concept to suit each product and occasion. The Content Hustlers team also had to consider the brand’s overall look and feel also to ensure the final product blended with the rest of the Anton marketing collateral.

“Our Mother’s Day content had to reflect the quality of our product and blend with our brand’s overall aesthetic while still being fresh and new”, said Jackie.

What was produced:

A series of still images were created in the Content Hustlers studio for use in digital marketing campaigns, social media feeds and stories. The images were led by the targeted occasion and themed with the brand’s purple colour.

“We don’t do things by halves and needed a high-end service that produced suitable quality content to the quality of our product”, said Marketing Manager, Jackie.


The targeting of the branded content to the timed occasions led to greater interaction and engagement from their targeted audience and existing customer base. Ultimately resulting in driving additional online and foot traffic to their stores, with an uplift in gross sales.


“You don’t have to be selling the finest diamonds on Earth to create beautiful branded content. It is about planning and developing concepts that are right for your business, brand and budget”, said David Vale, Creative Director.

If you are looking for quality branded content that represents your brands aesthetic and understands your communication strategy, give the Hustlers a call on 1300 86 86 88.